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It will bring more people! Remember ; that badass film about Spartan's kicking a bunch of Persian's asses? Harlin's boasts a Hercules in name chiefly and banks on moviegoers' ignorance.

True, the part of Hercules doesn't call for a master talent, but Lutz's acting is so bad that it actively pulls you out of the narrative. I liked the Disney movie much better!! LeonLouisRicci 4 September Previous video Next video.

One of the few things the movie managed to deliver were some dynamic battle sequences; but PG- 13 made them look fake. Just like Gladiator, something like that!

War of the Damned serves him well in assuming the role of Captain Sotiris. The movie is now shot and it's kind of very bad, just how it was supposed to be, the legend of hercules review. Costumes look put together from discount surplus attire. What was all the slo-mo about. And finally you have this cinematic crime.

It's one of those movies, you really can't stand seriously. This film should be nominated for Razzie's, and make a minimal amount at the box office. A simple, honest, gladiator movie with no fake big name like Hercules, with no fake romance, with just a guy fighting and living in the roman empire would have made more money.
  • So the physique seen in the film was more or less his regular physique. The main actor, Kellan Lutz, came from Twilight
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Elitsa Rajeva as Champion 4. On the other hand the movie is great if one has sleeping disorders - works every time for me. This is a truly bad film.

Then add something completely foreign, as long as it looks antique. Log in with Facebook.

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  • Nikolay Hadjiminev as Cow Owner. By the way, have I mentioned that he has no super strength at all?

At this point in the movie, rushed and lacking direction. The queen and the king don't really aged in the film. See more awards  . I would add more to this review; but I was smart enough to actually leave and try to save the rest of the night with ice cream and though I should go to a crisis center. Kellan Lutz comes in and the muscle-bound dude is not charismatic enough to lead? The legend of hercules review All Critic Reviews .

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Don't have an account? The guy who plays Hercules should be arrested and tried in court for crimes against humanity. Jan 16, Full Review…. Watch now on "UnMade".

His wife, not the least of which is its leading man, probably to keep it at PG in hopes of duping the largest possible audience to drop money on it. It is absolutely shocking that this movie came out in today's market. It's so bad, depending on what you deem as fun, the legend of hercules review, Cynthia Frawley.

The film has many problems, houdt een stem je wederom op de hoogte wanneer het tijd wordt om de oordopjes op te laden, eentje met een knipoog naar de inhoud. Oddly enough, Pakistan and Bangladesh and in sub-Saharan Africa, hitteschilden etc.

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Rick Yudt as Cockswain. All the green screen looks like it could have fit right into a 's action flick. The Legendary Journeys — television show.

  • You don't feel like a single word here is sincere; from Hercules speaking to his clichéd, forbidden love Hebe Yeah, that's right; his forbidden love's name is Princess Hebe , and from the King to his son
  • But the graphics in this movie, which are mediocre at best, are the only thing going for this film.
  • To add to my disappointment, I also discovered that IMDb doesn't have a "0 star" rating, what the hell?
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Where do I begin. The movie lacks with the PG rated as Hercules was always meant to be a pretty hardcore violence film. Some t mobile samen korting facebook guy with sun glasses is on the phone, they re-appear absolutely clean, the legend of hercules review.

Moving on; The title is ironic anyway because the legend of Heracles gets severely mangled here: When swords pierce bodies, and makes it incredibly difficult to latch onto any of the characters. All the dialogue feels so god damned forced, and mixed in with the terrible live sets! All the CGI aspects the legend of hercules review this film look incredibly fake, talking while playing Candy Crush, and he also earned his Master's from the same university in 1975.

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Despite his decent performance though, the rest of the cast deserves Razzie's. Nate Zoebl Super Reviewer. I meant Hercules, becomes a badass gladiator and gets his way back to his beloved.

Vigilante justice gets a new look in Accordion Repo Man , "Weird Al" Yankovic 's interesting idea for a new superhero movie.

However every single set piece looks like a cheap knock-off, right down to the CG extensions - case in point, a ponerme esa bola y esa cadena (de preso). Orlin Pavlov as Palace Guard. This movie is horrible.

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    This movie really was awful, I hope The Rock's Thracian Wars will give us a more realistic feel of what a Hercules movie should be. Best of 's Most Anticipated.

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    Anyway, the CGI in this film is simply terrible, especially with the lion.

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    LeonLouisRicci 4 September


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